Ethical Jewellery

Niza Huang Jewellery is committed to being a sustainable and environmentally aware jewellery business, creating beautiful ethical pieces. Part of that commitment is responsible sourcing of raw materials. We work with recycled metal and use only conflict-free diamonds. We will happily re-design or re-work your heirloom jewellery, using these existing precious metals and stones to create beautifully unique new pieces.


Recycled Precious Metals

We make our jewellery, where possible, with primarily recycled and re-refined precious metals from scrap metals or existing jewellery. We use existing gold, platinum and silver to create new pieces. These recycled materials are of identical quality to newly mined metals but without the environmental impact.

Ethical Diamonds

As part of our commitment to environmental and social responsibility we source our diamonds carefully from trustworthy suppliers to ensure they are conflict-free and that the mines our suppliers use adhere to international labour standards with fair working conditions.

For the certified diamonds, we only buy diamonds certified by GIA or AGS, the most respected diamond grading laboratories, known for their accuracy and professionalism.

We also offer ethical alternatives to traditionally mined diamonds such as lab-grown diamonds and Massonite Stones. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in their chemical and physical characteristics but are created using cutting-edge technology. They are graded and certified using the same process as mined diamonds. Another beautiful option is the Massonite stone, a rare type of gemstone that is also lab-created. Hardwearing and with incredible shine, it is a great eco-friendly choice for an engagement ring.

Diamond certificate 

If you would like your piece to be made in Fairtrade gold, using ethical alternative stones or have further questions please get in touch: