The second collaboration between SHAO YEN and Niza Huang.

The SHAO YEN spring summer 2016 collection takes inspiration from muscle texture, movement and speed. To reflect this, Jewellery designer Niza Huang employed a new technique that is different from her previous work. Wax slices were used to shape and create striking three-dimensional forms. Irregular agate slices are set in undulated silver plated pieces; its abstract shapes referencing Dadaism, which, is another inspiration for SHAO YEN.

Each natural agate slice has different textures, colours and form and is expertly encased in handcrafted metal, making Niza Huang's jewellery unique pieces of wearable sculpture.




Stitches is a story driven fashion film, a bespoke cinematic realisation of Niza Huang's Jewellery collection.
About the film :
A girl who is going through a break-up faces up to her own inner turmoil, scars and grief. 
The film explores the art of letting go and invites the viewer to have a glimpse at the fragile passage of enduring pains and challenges us to confront how we cling onto memories in a subtle but a powerful way.
Director: Eunji Kim
DOP : Elly Nakajima
Editor/grading : Paula Cuadrado
Music : Barbara De Biasi
Sound designer : Alejandro Cid
Make up & Hair : Cassie George
Camera Assistant : George Symonds
Jewellery by Niza Huang Jewellery
The Girl: Nicky Ingram
The Man: David Alexander


UNDER EARTH at HUSK  by Ekaterina Bazhenova